Snapchat makes navigation easy with universal search

Snapchat will soon release a major update, making the app easier to use. Central to this is a new universal search feature that is always within reach. It lets you find your friends, groups and other parts of Snapchat, even more, easier. The update is already available for a small group of Android users, and in the coming next few the days to all users on both iOS and Android.

Snapchat search feature offers speed and overview

The new universal search function is central to the new app. Which can always be found at the top of the app, no matter which part of the app you’re using. It lets you quickly search for friends and groups, but also to publishers and Stories. Who had formerly all their own parts across the app. When you tap on the new search field, it opens a new window. There you will find suggestions, for example, friends who you often contact, which are grouped under the heading Quick Chat. You can also find there a quick way to add new accounts and to search for contacts. The following video from TechCrunch gives a good idea of ​the possibilities of the new search.

With a tap on your own bitmoji, you now find yourself on your profile and just as easily you can make calls with friends from the search screen. You can also immediately see which friends you’ve added recently. It is also possible to contribute to Our Story anywhere in the app, the curation function of Snapchat for special themes, events and holidays. Users can provide a picture or video and Snapchat then determines where it belongs. Previously, it had to be specifically allocated.

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