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Online gambling gains popularity

The raise of online gambling goes on and on every year. It is exactly the same for the other entertainment industries. Every things is going towards an online strategy. The online gambling offers a lot of the same elements as a traditional casino. So also the online gambling industry becomes more popular than the traditional gambling. However there are some issues with the online gambling industry. In this article we describe some positives and negatives about online gambling. To start with the positives:

  1. Online gamblers can play in the our own house with their own comfortable chairs and stuff. There is no need to go to a casino.
  2. There is a lot of information about online gambling on the internet. Players can play online and at the same time use the online tools available.
  3. New players can start with bet money and not with real money. To try the online gambling for the first time

However there are also a lot of downsides about the online gambling.

  1. Players become more and more addictive.
  2. They can play on for ever, while nobody checks if they are still gambling are take there necessary sleep.
  3. There are a lot of fake website which you can not trust. You are not sure if your money is safe. Therefore there is a good solution called look4casino you can find the best online casinos on this website.

We also found a lot of scientific research about online gambling.

What Reasons Do People Give For Gambling Online?
According to a study by the American Gaming Association (2006):

  • Convenience (48%)
  • Fun / excitement / entertainment (24%)
  • More comfortable (24%)
  • Able to win money (9%)
  • Anonymity & privacy (6%)

Explanations for the popularity of online gambling according to Wood et al. (2007)

  • Convenience, comfort and ease of internet gambling
  • An aversion to traditional land-based casinos
  • Prefer the pace and format of online gambling
  • Perceived potential for larger wins and lower costs to play

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