Document Control is worth investing in

Engineering organisations know the true value of Document management United Arab Emirates. That they are needed is a fact rarely disputed, but the cost of selecting, running and installing them is frequently a barrier to the implementation of an effective solution.

Rapid Validation of Business Rules

One of the major drawbacks of customisation is that business rules (those factors that govern the way systems function) need to be worked-out in advance of the implementation. As this article has already highlighted, a customisation approach to Document Control United Arab Emirates will involve a prolonged period between selecting the solution and have the system up and running, so what happens if the rules need to change in the mean time?

Here another benefit of configurable applications is apparent. As the software simply requires users to check boxes, business rules can be experimented with and adapted within hours. Therefore, whilst the initial business rules can begin to be formed in advance of the implementation, they are not set in stone, but are simply rules that are most relevant at the time.


Low-Cost Flexibility

Linked to the shorter time scales required to validate business rules is the low cost of future changes. The staff have already been trained to configure the system which means that they are also able to update the system in a timely manner without incurring the extra expense of further consultancy.

The flexibility afforded by such a solution is of particular importance to those market sectors in which regulatory compliance is an essential part of their business operations. With many regulatory bodies frequently updating the details of compliance, it is essential that the document management solution is able to support both the current and future needs of any organisation operating in such an environment. As a growing business, is it important to be able to access your documents for your asset information management United Arab Emirates.


Where updates and changes to the way in which a company is required to operate form an integral part that organisation’s activities, it makes sense to select a configurable system that allows changes to be made in a manner which is timely and cost effective.

Configurable applications are user-friendly in all aspects of their functionality, a crucial consideration for businesses looking to update their document management facilities with as little disruption as possible. Many of the applications have been developed with years of best practice heritage at their core and offer improved functionality without changing key aspects, such as the user interface, to reduce the negative impact on the user.

This degree of flexibility is crucial for the continuation of business operations and the improved management of documentation can even provide a competitive advantage by reducing the period of time required for a project to reach completion.


Regardless of the quality of the platform upon which a document management solution is built, the only way to guarantee that it will meet your business needs is through further development. Whilst both customisation and configuration offer the ability to create a bespoke solution, the configuration provides a cheaper (to implement, run and update), faster (to design and develop) and more flexible solution to meet the changing needs of your business.

For businesses that have already gone down the customisation route, there is no reason why they cannot still take-on the benefits of a configurable system. From the time frames that have been highlighted earlier in this article, it is clear that considerable savings can be made by using a configurable application to provide further functionality. The flexible nature of configurable applications means that they can easily be employed to run alongside the existing infrastructure and still provide real benefits and help to solve the problems that might have manifested themselves as a result of the customisation process.

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