5 tips to organize your recruitment

In this blog you will find 5 tips to organize your recruitment in the best way possible!

First of all you will need a good applicant tracking system. For example you can make use of Recruitee. They are a start-up from the Netherlands and specialized in recruitment. In this applicant tracking software you will have 5 features to hire the most talented people in the world.

1. Start with a work-at-site

To hire people you need to attract people to your website. Create the best work-at website with the this HR software.

2. Promote vacancies

You can promote the vacancies by using Recruitee’s software. They have made some deals with external website to promote your vacancies in the most functional and cheapest way.

3. Source candidates

There is a lot of talent in the world. But where do you find those talented people? Of course there is a big buzz on social media going on. The passive people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn must be imported to the applicant system. In this applicant system you have the best overview about the candidates. Via social media all the information about the candidate is available.

4. Management

The management is a lot easier with a HR software. Because with this applicant tracking system all the information is collected in one system. So no more stressing about e-mails and multiple options of collection information. Everything is packed in one simple but great system. So the management becomes more and more easy. That is why Recruitee is suitable for the team and not only for the HR manager.

5. Optimalisation

With all this information of your candidates, vacancies, clicks on advertisement you can create and analyse great data. With all this data it is possible to optimize your vacancy in the best way. The next step is to start working on some teambuilding.

Still doubting about this recruitment software? You can try it for 18 days on their website!

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