Mesh WiFi and ReplayTV – Do they work together?

ReplayTV is a very popular solution for people who don’t always have the time to record TV shows, but still don’t want to miss them. 

In this article we will discuss whether you can use the new Mesh WiFi together with ReplayTV to watch all your TV shows whenever you want.

How exactly does ReplayTV work?

ReplayTV is a kind of “time-shifted television”. It allows users to watch all the TV shows that have been broadcast in the last hours or days by many channels in retrospect. A practical feature is that, unlike the classic video recorder, the desired channels do not have to be determined in advance.

In addition, ReplayTV does not play back web interruptions. This way you can watch your favourite TV channels without commercial breaks and whenever you want.

What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi is a new solution to improve WiFi reception in your home. In the past you always had to use W-Lan repeaters to get better reception. However, these W-Lan repeaters did not always achieve the best results, so that the purchase of a W-Lan repeater was often not worthwhile.

Instead of buying a repeater, which might be a remedy, you should rather get mesh WiFi, as this consistently provides a better connection than a W-Lan repeater.

How does Mesh WiFi work?

Mesh WiFi is designed to eliminate all the problems. Under Mesh you can imagine a network consisting of several nodes. Each of them is an access point to the network. The special thing about it is that the nodes communicate with each other to send data always on the best possible way from one of the nodes or to the connected WLAN device. Depending on the size of the living space, several access points can be used to provide WLAN coverage even for large apartments and multi-story houses.

In addition, the WLAN automatically changes frequency so that you always have the best Internet connection. In this way you can ensure that you always have a good Internet connection without interruptions.

Do Mesh WiFi and ReplayTV work together?

Since you need an internet connection to use ReplayTV it is important to clarify whether you can use Mesh WiFi and ReplayTV together. 

It is absolutely essential that you have a stable internet connection to use ReplayTV well. On the other hand, your favorite TV shows will be interrupted because the Internet is not sufficient to play the show smoothly. Therefore, you need a solution for this problem.

With a repeater the problem can only be solved to some extent, because even with a repeater a loss of connection can happen. It is also possible that a repeater does not improve the internet connection enough to use ReplayTV without interruptions.

Mesh WiFi is perfectly suited for exactly such cases. With Mesh WiFi you have an easy and cost-effective way to improve your internet connection so that you can use ReplayTV without interruptions. Mesh WiFi and ReplayTV work great together and we recommend you try it.

The clearest comparison in explaining business architecture.

How can you see the work of a business architect and what is the meaning of business architecture itself? In this article we will declare you the world and processes of this key factor in your organization by a clear comparison. 

Let’s say we see business architecture as an author. A great author types up her manuscript. Scribing or typing is necessary to get the fabulous story in the hands of the readers, but the most important work of the author is not the typing, but the crafting of the story that takes the reader on a fascinating journey with twists and turns, alive with motion and character. Typing is simply the mechanics. 

A great business architect also creates process maps and draws visuals. Like the author, this work needs to be done to help leaders understand the business, but the most important work of the business architect is not drawing up these process maps, but understanding the business, her clients needs and what they are trying to accomplish. The business architect can take her company leaders on a journey of transformation by helping the leaders visualize the current state and the art of the possible, help them understand the connections and the complexities of the organization, and create compelling stories that drive change. Today a lot of organizations have a lot of process maps and reams of documentation, gathering dust within the physical or electronic archives. 

The only difference between a writer and a business architect in this case; is that a business architect can get help from the use of many tools like bpm software tool BlueDolphin, which a writer can’t. The business architect is more lucky that it can create and show a clearer vision between all these processes and reams of documents with the help of these software tools, but it still needs to take the client or it’s colleagues into an imaginary world to deliver the most important messages. Kind of like a 20th century Charles Dickens, right?